About StayWithMe Nigeria

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Hosts and Guests
Guests: Find a place to stay with a vetted host for a few days at a small fee.
| Hosts: Make some money and good friendships by hosting a vetted guest for a few days.

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New corper?: Settling down after camp does not have to be expensive or stressful
| Yes : Find someone to stay with wherever you are posted to.

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Split the Rent
Moving to a new house? Find someone willing to spit the rent
| Find someone with an empty room in a flat

Already have a Job
Are you on assignment in another city?
Do You Need a place closer to your office: | Dont spend so much time and money in traffic every day.
Get a host closer to your office and have peace.

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Travelling for a Job interview?
Affordable accomodation for Job seekers who have to Travel to other states for
Job interviews.
, Get a place between N1000 - N3000 per day and have peace.

Staywithme Nigeria helps you find affordable short term accomodation as an alternative to More expensive hotels. We take care to ensure that locations that have been vetted and have good security indicators are given high priority.

Safety is our number one priority followed by pleasant and rewarding relationships.
Aims and Objectives
  • We aim to bring people together and facilitate meaningful connections with people of similar interests while cutting down the cost of doing so.
  • We hope that this will enable Nigerian people and businesses thrive and Grow at a faster rate by providing a wider reach at a lower expense.
  • We hope that job seekers will no longer turn away from job opportunities in regions where they do not have relatives or friends, and cannot afford to pay for hotels.
  • We hope that NYSC corps members will have a better experience for the first week after they leave their orientation camps or after they finish the Mandatory One year service.
    This is especially important when we take into account the numbers of stranded corps members who have either redeployed or have to settle for a few days before they can locate a more permanent accomodation for the duration of their service year.
  • Sponsorship and Advertising

    Our advertising Network allows any one on any budget to advertise.
    Mininum amount payable for advertising is NGN 3,000.00 (three thousand naira only) and you can target users from a particular location or all around the country. » Click here for more information «.
    If you like what we are doing consider sending a donation to help us improve our services and capabilities. Individual and coporate sponsors will be acknowledged on our sponsor list monthly

    For inquiries or support
    Contact us via any of the support lines below.
    phone +2347016566148, +2347056027701, +2348143134609
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