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About Staywithme Nigeria Limited RC1640188

Our Mission:
1. To Make accomodation affordable and easily accessible for every responsible individual.
2. To Improve the quality of life for at least 10,000 people each year.

What We Do:

  • We provide alternative access to accomodation for people who wish to pay monthly or weekly. An arrangement that gives the host increased value for rented property and gives the guest convienience at a good price.
  • We manage the risk and flow of guests to hosts. This entails, publicity, verification of individuals and management of conflict.
  • As a consequence of our interactions and business dealings with home owners, many of them have decided to use their properties for Staywithme fulltime since it typically makes them over 50 percent more in profits, even at our lowest prices.

    Also Many home owners wait for months before they get a renter to pay for a year or more, and many wait even longer to either get a renewal or evict the current tenants. Staywithme Nigeria has proven to be a great solution to these problems as we provide them with a steady stream of guests who can afford to pay more in short intervals, often keeping them regularly booked.

    On the flip side, Guests discover that they can better manage their finances and live within their monthy income when they use "staywithme" instead of renting for a year or two like they previously did.
    We take care to ensure that locations that have been vetted and have good security indicators are given high priority. Safety is our number one priority followed by pleasant and rewarding relationships.

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    Contact us via any of the support lines below.
    phone +2347016566148, +2347056027701, +2348143134609