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How to connect successfully with hosts and guests on staywithme nigeria 2019-08-15 : by  awesome Remember, you are dealing with people and not buying a new tv or remote.  Listed below are a few reasons why people have difficuly finding a host or a guest.

Top 7 reasons why your offer may not be accepted by a host

  1. Your offer is too low. - (try to raise the offer)

  2. Your...
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How can i be sure of the kind of person that will stay with me? 2019-02-05 : by  awesome There are some measures that we have put in place to screen and filter the people who are requesting to stay with you, but the final power to choose or reject lies with the (You ), the host and this post will help you make informed decisions to minimize risk and ensure a smoooth stay.

If you are interested in a particular client these ar...
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With the state of the country, is it safe to let a stranger into my house? 2019-01-30 : by  awesome Safety is a big issue and one we take very seriously on staywithme nigeria

It iis true that travelling on a plane or on a bus has no guarantees of safety, but operators try to minimize risk of loss or damage to a minimum and that is ecactly what we do at Staywithme.
  • Hosts go through a selection and vettin...
How does staywithme work? 2019-01-28 : by  awesome If you are travelling to Lagos, Abuja or Port harcourt and you need a place to stay for a few days without spending so much on hotel accomodation, you can
option a. Stay with a friend or family member.
option b. find Someone you can trust to stay with for a few days on

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