how can i be sure of the kind of person that will stay with me?

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There are some measures that we have put in place to screen and filter the people who are requesting to stay with you, but the final power to choose or reject lies with the (You ), the host and this post will help you make informed decisions to minimize risk and ensure a smoooth stay.

If you are interested in a particular client these are the steps you can take.
1. Check out their social media by clicking on the social media links in their profile page. You can access any profile by clicking on the user's photo.
Points to look out for.
a. How old is this account? Do not accept people with facebook accounts that are less than one year old. Better still accounts that are over three years are recommended.
b. Does this account have an actual face? Does the gender and name match the face?
c. Does this account have friends? Especially on facebook. Facebook account should have at least 50 - 80 friends and these friends should be adult and Nigerian. ( You dont have to go through all of them, you can just look through to see the type of people on the friends list. ) Generally you can be able to tell to some extent the type of person you are considering.
d. Does the profession match with what is stated on the social media accounts especially on facebook and linkedin.

2. Check if the account is verified on staywithme. Above the profile photo in the persons profile page, you will see "verified" or "unverified".
Verified accounts are more authentic and and you can have better chances of mediation and dispute resolution in the event that an issue arises.

* Note that guests are advised not to accept hosts that are not verified and vetted. Also unverified rooms will not be available for pairing.
We take your safety and happiness very seriously on and we hope that you build a valuable network of lasting friendships. Happy hosting! And remember to treat people nicely!.by awesome

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