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Remember, you are dealing with people and not buying a new tv or remote.  Listed below are a few reasons why people have difficuly finding a host or a guest.

Top 7 reasons why your offer may not be accepted by a host

  1. Your offer is too low. - (try to raise the offer)

  2. Your physical appearance on your profile photo. (present yourself responsibly)

  3. The way you sounded on the phone. (Be courtesous and not rude)

  4. Privacy concerns. - some people are not willing to host a couple.

  5. Age difference.

  6. Gender bias (Some people prefer a male or a female).

  7. Religious bias.


Top 5 reasons why a guest may not accept to stay with you.

  1. Physical appearance.

  2. Unclear photos or videos. (Take clear pictures and video with good camera phones. Hosts with videos get more attention from guests).

  3. The location of the place and environment, eg distance from major road, and neighborhood.

  4. The way you sounded on the phone. (Be courtesous and not rude).

  5. The price you are asking for.

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