the benefits of getting a housemate on staywithme nigeria

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1. Pay less. - The costs of getting a place is split evenly (50/50) between the housemates.
So if a place costs N3000 per day, you may split the costs between one or more housemates and end up paying N1000 per day or less.
If it costs 1500 per day, you may end up paying N750 or less.

2. Meet choose who to stay with. -  You may join a housemate group created by another user and you may leave a group at any time so long as your premium subscription is active. This allows you to find the perfect group of people to stay with. You will be able to contact all members of your group buy phone or whatsapp.

3. Raise funds for a bgger apartment. - If you cannot find a place that fits your taste and budget on staywithmenigeria, you and your group can then search other property sites and locate a suitable  place within your budget in any location.

*** Things to note
- You cannot join more than one housemate group in the same location. you must exit one to join another.
- You must be on the premium plan (N1000 monthly) to be able to make a housemate request or join a awesome

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